CS:GO Betting Odds and Odds Formats

It’s undeniable that eSports betting has seen quite the meteoric rise in popularity over the past couple of years. This has been boosted by the fact that online bookmakers have been providing exciting odds and markets for bettors to wager on. And as the demand for this has risen, sportsbooks have been introducing more ways for avid gamblers to place bets on eSports.

Today, there are more options for CS:GO bettors to enjoy than there ever has been. And there’s also the likelihood that the number of possibilities for these gamblers will increase as time goes by. If that actually is the case, then you’re likely to be looking at a great future as an eSports bettor. And this is also a prospect that we very much look forward to seeing out.

How CS:GO Betting Has Grown Over the Years

CS:GO gambling hasn’t always held such a prominent status at online sportsbooks and betting sites. In the beginning, only a few bookmakers supported and accepted bets on the CS:GO matches taking place, and CS:GO was one of the very first games to be utilised for betting purposes as well. Over the years, the tournaments have grown significantly and become quite the popular option for gamblers to engage in. And even for players who enjoy accessing casino games, CS:GO provides options for you to access. With games like Crash and Coinflip to enjoy, there’s something for everyone where CS:GO betting is concerned.

Both online bookies and the CS:GO event organisers enjoy what is being provided, and together, they have assisted in growing the game around the world. Obviously, the organisers are happy when they create new CS:GO events for teams to participate in, and the bookmakers are happy to provide live streaming and betting on those events, too. It is because of this that big sponsors have opted to put their money into such tournaments, and this allows for large prizes to be awarded to winners. Obviously, this attracts big players to the tournaments, who want to participate in order to win part of the prize money on offer. Naturally, this all comes together to form a great CS:GO tournament with worldwide coverage, and the online betting sites are able to bring in punters as a result.

The Betting Odds Surrounding CS:GO

In the very beginning, eSports betting sites were able to pretty much decide the odds and the margins that were applied to CS:GO matches and tournaments. Obviously, a lower number of bookmakers were providing such to players, so competition in this area was fairly low and there was little to combat this.

These days though, there is a larger number of sites providing CS:GO betting to gamblers. Therefore, a bigger amount of competitiveness is experienced, and that has seen a rise in the competitiveness of the odds themselves. Because more sportsbooks are providing their players with CS:GO wagering options, it’s necessary for good value and better margins to be provided to players. Otherwise, they’ll simply go to a different platform where they can get that.

Obviously, this means that each online bookmaker is trying to offer the greatest odds and margins, as a way of outdoing their competition. So, today you’ll find lower margins being offered and bigger odds available at the same time. Additionally, the number of markets that are available for betting on has also grown over time – again, as a result of the high level of competition in the area.

Granted, the odds and margins and markets have the potential to continue improving as the years pass by. eSports betting continues to grow in popularity, so therefore, it could get even better for gamblers.

The Odds Formats

Visiting an online sportsbook for CS:GO betting will allow you to see a selection of betting odds formats, too. This is something that you’ll need to become aware of and learn about, so that you know what you’re wagering on.

Generally speaking, sites will provide three different odds formats for you to experience. They are American odds, fractional odds and decimal odds. Different bettors like different formats, so there’s no right or wrong option to select, and in the end, they all provide the same odds, just displayed in different formats.

American Odds

American odds are really the lesser used of the three odds formats, but of course, as the name implies, they’re highly popular with American bettors. Obviously, a lot of sports events (including many eSports tournaments) take place across the lands of the USA. Therefore, American odds are utilised on CS:GO far more frequently than on other sports that may not occur within the country.

Of course, if you’re already familiar with utilising this odds format for your other sports betting options, then it’s likely that you’ll understand them more for CS:GO gambling, too. On the other hand, if you’re based elsewhere and you haven’t used American odds before, the best route to take would probably be to avoid them and stick with the fractional or decimal odds formats. They’re much easier to understand, especially for newcomers.

Fractional Odds

Often seen as the traditional format to view odds in, fractional forms have become quite synonymous with sports betting. In fact, many of the original horse racing bets were taken via punters using fractional odds. It may be the case that if you’ve already participated in some form of sports betting, you’ll have been able to utilise fractional odds. Of course, if you know of fractional odds, then it’s probably better than you stick to using them for CS:GO betting, too.

It can be a little bit difficult to work with smaller fractional odds when comparing against other sites’ odds. So, because of this fact, many newcomers to betting have opted for decimal odds instead. These are used a lot more throughout Europe and are growing in popularity as they can often be easier to utilise.

Decimal Odds

While being present in locations around the world, decimal odds are much more popular in European countries. They come with a big advantage in the sense that they are easier to compare than other formats. So, if you’re out to search for the best value possible, decimal odds are the way to go.

There is a similar sense of tradition to decimal odds as there is with fractional odds. However, newer bettors don’t have much knowledge of this tradition, and so due to this, decimal odds are favoured a lot more. This is generally the odds format that we recommend for anyone who is new to sports betting of any kind, including CS:GO gambling.

It's a lot simpler to utilise decimal odds, and most sports betting platforms provides the capability for this to take place. You’re able to easily work out the potential returns from placing a single bet, and this combines perfectly with the ability to compare the odds from the different online bookies. In doing so, you can seek out the best odds deal available and benefit from it with ease.

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