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Hellcase is an exceptionally popular online CS:GO and Dota case opening site, and it has been providing its services since 2016. One of the likely reasons why it has become so popular is because players get to experience much better skins within the cases on this site than they do when opening cases within Dota 2 and CS:GO. You’ll also find various other perks about becoming a player of the Hellcase platform.

The General Site Design

Accessing the Hellcase.com online case opening site may be a little chaotic-looking initially. There’s a lot going on at the homepage of the website, and potentially for newcomers, this could be discombobulating. Yet, once you’ve seen it a couple of times, there’s very little to worry about. The site’s logo is displayed in the top-left corner, while the CS:GO and Dota 2 logos follow it on. After that, there’s a button for the site’s games, too. You’ll also see the various social media links that are available.

As you move across to the right-hand side, you will see the possibility of being able to change the language that the site is viewed in, as well as links for Giveaway, Premium, Event, Mixxer, Wheel and Partner. And finally, at the end of this top row is the button to login to the site via Steam.

Below the site’s logo on the left is a menu that can be opened up, providing you with alternative access to some of the games. And if you look at the central part of Hellcase’s homepage, you’ll see how many players are currently online, how many people are registered at the site, how many cases have been opened and other statistics. Everything else takes place below this, with sections for Random CS:GO Weapon, Franchise and Genre Cases being displayed.

Benefits and Features of Hellcase

You’ll find skin gambling and case opening at Hellcase to be a fun experience. The site features a selection of different tiers for players to purchase and then open. There’s a huge variety of cases available at the platform, too. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter if you’re playing with a smaller budget or if you are ready to go all-out, because this site is able to provide something for everyone.

If you also want to engage in trade up contracts, then you’ll be happy to know that Hellcase provides this as one of its cooler features. You’re able to gamble skins of any type of quality to receive either an items with lower value or if luck is on your side, something with a higher value instead. So, if you’re in possession of a selection of cheap skins, this is a great way of getting rid of them easily or turning them into something you don’t have, or you actually want.

Promotional Codes and Bonus Offers

A welcome bonus and ongoing promotions are always something to revel in at an online gambling site, and Hellcase is able to provide you with some of these. One of the sections that you can visit to discover more about what’s on offer is the Giveaway link. This gives you details on things that you can do to earn rewards. This includes participating in a Case Battle, opening a Master Tactician Case and visiting the site on Instagram, amongst other things.

Speaking of Instagram and other social media platforms, Hellcase is active on sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat, amongst others. There, you’ll find a selection of promotions that are offered to the platform’s followers. Hellcase is even accessible on TikTok!

Hellcase also gives its players a free bonus on a daily basis, so every time you log in to your account, you’ll receive a free reward. This gives you a wonderful way to be able to top up your account with a small few coins, without having to deposit any money into your account.

Provably Fair and Support Options

You always need to ensure that the site you’re accessing is a provably fair engagement. Fortunately, where Hellcase is concerned, you can rest assured that it provides one of the fairest case opening and gambling platforms today.

And what’s more, if you feel that you need to contact one of the customer support team, you can do so easily. If you can’t find the answers that you need within the FAQ section, the Hellcase platform allows you to speak with the support team via creating a live ticket. Response times to these are usually swift, so you won’t have to wait long.

Funding Your Hellcase Account

You’ll need to add funds to your Hellcase account before you can start opening cases and everything else. Fortunately, you have a few different methods that you can do this through. Obviously, once you connect your Steam account to the site, you will be able to upload your own CS:GO and/or Dota 2 skins from the inventory. These can be exchanged for funds that you can then purchase other cases with.

If you don’t possess any skins or you have none that you want to exchange, then you’ll need to deposit through an alternative method. Hellcase supports transactions through both Visa and Mastercard first of all. Alternatively, you can send money to your account by the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Keep in mind that when you’re ready to withdraw, you’ll only be withdrawing the CS:GO or Dota 2 skins that you open in the cases. So, you can’t withdraw cryptocurrency or actual funds as deposited. However, this means that withdrawals occur very swiftly, ensuring that you are able to make use of the skins as you like.

Mobile Capabilities

If you possess an Android or iOS device, then you may have also downloaded the Steam app. This is free of charge to use, and it also means that you can link up to the Hellcase site and use everything in the same way from your handset. Therefore, mobile case opening is very much a possibility with this platform.

The Final Verdict

To put it bluntly, there is a lot to appreciate about the Hellcase site. Even though it is primarily a case opening site, it does this in a perfect way, with a range of high-quality cases that are suitable for everyone. Obviously, the fact that it is also mobile-friendly makes it even more appealing, while the support of various payment methods ensures it is accessible to a wider audience.

When you then throw in the promotions, the benefits of what features the site offers and more, Hellcase is one of those platforms that will stick with you from the very first moment. It’s likely to grow even more in the future as well, so why wouldn’t you want to become a member of the platform?

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