Best CS:GO Dice Sites – the Best Recommendations

Perhaps you already know about playing the Dice game, but maybe you haven’t accessed CS:GO Dice yet. If not, then you’re in for a real treat! It bases itself on the popular casino game of the same title, and whether you’re looking to proceed with skin betting or real money gambling, we’re here to provide information on the best CS:GO Dice platforms. Our recommendations present a selection of the greatest online CS:GO betting sites, and you may even be able to benefit from an exceptional promo code for them, too. Check out the selection of recommended sites below and be sure to utilise the unique bonus offers.

Best CSGO Dice Sites 2024

  • Swift withdrawal service
  • Free sign-up bonus
  • Various payment methods supported
  • Jackpot, Crash, Coinflip Games
  • Good Bonuses & Promo Code
  • Provably Fair Site
  • Has international appeal
  • Free daily bonuses
  • Case opening/betting
  • Mobile-friendly casino
  • Provably fair games
  • Licensed by Curacao eGaming
  • CS:GO skin transactions
  • Multiple game modes
  • Free sign-up bonus
  • €500 deposit bonus
  • eSports betting available
  • Crash and Roulette games
  • 5% on any deposit
  • Skin withdrawals supported
  • Huge case selection
  • Great inventory of skins
  • Wide range of games
  • Swift withdrawal process
  • Provides CS:GO case opening
  • Offers daily free cases
  • Provably fair system
  • Instant withdrawals
  • Live on-site chat
  • Excellent website design

The History and Rise of CS:GO Dice

You don’t need to do much research in order to find out about online dice games. They have existed as a popular option for casino gamers for a long time. This is quite simply due to two things – the simplicity of gameplay and the entertainment level of playing such. Obviously, simply rolling dice and waiting for the outcome is a simple enough game to play. It’s hardly a rocket science kind of situation. But it is this ease-of-play that makes it so compelling and appealing to gamers.

The dice betting options have been available at casinos for a considerable time period already, and this popularity extended across to the online world when such options became available. Therefore, it’s not difficult to locate a platform that provides CS:GO dice betting. Ever since it became a possibility for CS:GO gamblers, it has remained an exciting and popular gaming option. This is still the case today, and if you’re looing for fun, this is the game to select.

How to Play CS:GO Dice

So that you can participate in CS:GO Dice betting, you’ll need to be a member of a site that provides it. There are several of these located in our list of the best sites, and they are highly recommended platforms. Therefore, you can choose one that appeals to you and register to play there. Afterwards, you need to deposit some funds into that account, which can be done either by utilising traditional payment methods like cards or e-wallets, or by utilising CS:GO skins. In the latter circumstance, your items will be exchanged into coins for you to bet with on dice games.

From there, you make your preferred bet on a dice game and the dice are rolled when you’re ready. Depending upon the outcome of the roll, you either win on your bet or you lose it. That’s not difficult, and because of this, dice betting has remained at a peak level of interest for gamers.

How to Locate a Preferential CS:GO Dice Site

While it’s true that our experienced team is responsible for crafting the collection of the best CS:GO Dice sites, they don’t just do this on a simple whim. Instead, there are certain features that are sought out from these platforms to ensure that they stand out as being the best. These qualities exist in the form of the following:

  • Navigational Capabilities. Anyone who is familiar with online betting will know that it’s preferential for a site to provide easy navigation around its options. There’s little worse than having to figure out where everything is. Therefore, when considering the best CS:GO Dice platforms, our team looks for those sites with easy-to-use layouts and links for you to use. Without these capabilities, it’s not likely that it will be considered as a recommended platform for sure gaming options.
  • Range of Games. Anyone who considers themselves a gamer or bettor of any kind will know that it’s always beneficial to have a good range of games available to play. That’s why we like to see extensive game lobbies when researching the best sites. While we’re really looking at CS:GO Dice games here, it’s imperative that additional options are found within, too. This means that you have the possibility of accessing CS:GO slots, roulette, blackjack, crash and various other titles. In addition, some sites provide you with the capability of betting on eSports, which makes them even more appealing.
  • Payment Possibilities. This is one area that we do tend to focus on a lot, because without the capability to deposit via your preferred method, what’s the point in joining a site? So, there needs to be options for both skin betting and traditional gambling, too. This means that the best sites will allow you to transact with cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, credit and debit cards, bank transfers and more alongside CS:GO skins.
  • Fair Gaming Policies. The prime point about gambling online is that you have the option of betting on fair games. If a dice game isn’t fair, then why bother accessing it at all? After all, it’s sure to scam you out of your funds in the end. Yet, the sites that we recommend as part of our list all feature games that have been put through independent audits and tests by one or more external companies. This means that they’re verifiably and provably fair for you to engage in.
  • Promo Codes and Special Offers. Accessing online CS:GO Dice games will always be enhanced by the addition of special rewards and promotions. Some of the best sites come with exciting bonus perks, and these serve to boost your dice gaming experience. Whether these come from your registration in the form of free coins or whether they’re added on top of a deposit at your chosen site is immaterial. Some platforms will even provide you with welcome rewards and ongoing perks to keep you thoroughly in touch with bonuses throughout your time gaming.


If an online sportsbook accepts cryptocurrencies as a depositing and betting currency, then absolutely you can. Be sure to check this in the supported payment methods before joining a site if you are insistent on using Bitcoin or altcoins for your gambling activities.

While basic knowledge of eSports betting can be used, different eSports have different setups and markets for you to wager on. Therefore, what you learn and know about CS:GO is likely to not be very helpful when betting on League of Legends or DOTA 2, for example.

Yes. While we are a site that focuses on CS:GO gambling more so, many bookmakers include other eSports in their lobbies for you to bet on. You can participate in this one at a time or as many as you can afford at once.

Yes, absolutely. It’s exactly the same as betting on any other sporting event. If you win a bet, you receive a real money pay-out for it.

While it’s likely that there will be a small number of sportsbooks that rig their results, the recommended sites at are fully secure and offer fair betting. That’s why it’s always ideal to join one of the platforms that we consider the best.

eSports tournaments occur throughout the year in different locations. League of Legends for example, has events that occur in the Spring and Summer, in the form of splits and playoffs. Different eSports have different tournaments, and these take place in Europe, Asia and North America.

That really all depends upon you and how much you wager. Of course, it also depends upon the frequency of your bets and whether or not you win them.

Some sites do provide mobile eSports betting, yes. This ensures that you’re able to place your favourite eSports bets from any location. We do ensure that we recommend those platforms that readily cater to eSports mobile bettors.

While video games may appeal to those of a younger age group, you still need to be at least 18 years old to access betting on it in most jurisdictions. Be sure to check the legal gambling age in your home country before trying to participate, though.

Longevity will always count for something when it comes to gambling platforms. After all, if you know that a site has been around for many years, it stands to reason that it’s a great platform and provides a licensed and fair gaming experience. Of course, a newer sportsbook could provide many more features, taking the best of all other long-running sites and combining them to ensure that players see its appeal from the start. In the end, the choice is up to you.