The Top CS:GO Raffle Sites

Raffles provide you with the potential to win skins or real money in exciting and compelling games. However, there are many CS:GO raffle sites available online already, and finding one that works in your favour can be tricky. That’s why our expert team of experienced raffle and CS:GO players have crafted a list of the best CS:GO raffle platforms. This way, you can browse through the greatest platforms and find one that suits your own preferences. So, why not check through them and discover where you can play the best raffles.

Best CSGO Raffle Sites 2024

  • Swift withdrawal service
  • Free sign-up bonus
  • Various payment methods supported
  • Jackpot, Crash, Coinflip Games
  • Good Bonuses & Promo Code
  • Provably Fair Site
  • Has international appeal
  • Free daily bonuses
  • Case opening/betting
  • Mobile-friendly casino
  • Provably fair games
  • Licensed by Curacao eGaming
  • CS:GO skin transactions
  • Multiple game modes
  • Free sign-up bonus
  • €500 deposit bonus
  • eSports betting available
  • Crash and Roulette games
  • 5% on any deposit
  • Skin withdrawals supported
  • Huge case selection
  • Great inventory of skins
  • Wide range of games
  • Swift withdrawal process
  • Provides CS:GO case opening
  • Offers daily free cases
  • Provably fair system
  • Instant withdrawals
  • Live on-site chat
  • Excellent website design

How to Start Out

There isn’t any other first step than to select a site that provides CS:GO raffles. Fortunately, there are numerous ones listed here for you to choose from with beneficial rewards. Once you pick a site, you’ll need to sign in via your own Steam account or by creating a new one at the site itself. If you can see that there’s a welcome promo code to use as well, then be sure to utilise this when you become a player.

Some of those bonuses will require you to make a deposit before any reward is claimed, while others will add themselves to your account after you register and join. After signing up and potentially claiming a bonus from the site, you can proceed with participating in one or more of the raffles.

Proceeding with Raffle Gameplay

You don’t really need to have amassed any sort of skills to be able to play CS:GO raffles. This makes them one of the easiest gambling games to play. Through doing so, players have the possibility of winning skins. The only thing you need to do is purchase one or more raffle tickets for a draw and wait to see if you’re drawn out as a winner.

Keep in mind that raffles are not something that can be found at all CS:GO online gambling sites. The fact remains that such games are quite new to the world, although their popularity is growing. Therefore, you should probably expect to see it become more available as time goes on. So, why not get ahead of the game and purchase CS:GO raffle tickets to participate in such gameplay.

Gaming Variety

As with other types of gambling games, raffles are also available in numerous formats to ensure you have variety to choose from. The likelihood is that one will stand out to you more than the other. Those varieties include:

Classic Raffle Game

To access classic raffle games will allow you to simply buy tickets and potentially win skins from doing so. Upon buying a ticket for a raffle of this nature, you’re instantly ready to participate. Should your ticket be drawn as a winner, you stand to win skins and various other CS:GO items to your benefit. These can often come in the form of expensive weapon skins or other tools and such.

Case Opening Raffle Game

Case opening is something that you can involve yourself in as standard when you’re a CS:GO gambler. However, various CS:GO gambling sites offer case opening raffles for you to involve yourself in. As such, it operates in the same way that the classic raffle game does. However, instead of you winning a single skin from it, you win a case that can be opened. Being able to open cases online is a lot more rewarding than doing so within the CS:GO game, so winning such in raffles is a great benefit.

How Does Our Team Select the Top CS:GO Raffle Sites?

It’s true that we have an experienced team of CS:GO gamblers reviewing the various sites. There are certain criteria that these sites must meet in order to be considered as the best. Thanks to the tests we put them through, you can rest assured that you are gaining access to the most respectable and legitimate online CS:GO raffle sites. The qualities that we look for include:

  • High-Quality Sites with Easy Navigation.
    When we access online gambling sites, we want to know that we’re going to have a visually appealing time as well as an entertaining gaming experience. It is for this reason that we seek out the platforms with great functionality and simple links to navigate between different sections. This means that you’re able to browse the different raffle options and other games with ease, allowing for a comfortable and pleasant time.
  • Referral and Bonus Codes
    All of the sites that can be found in our list of the best CS:GO raffle platforms come with special bonus rewards and promotions to benefit from. It’s up to you which of these you accept and utilise. From welcome offers and ongoing rewards through to no deposit perks, a CS:GO raffle experience should be one that you start with on the right foot. Bonus codes can provide you with that all-important experience.
  • Diverse Game Range
    CS:GO raffle games aren’t the only features of online gambling sites. Instead, they incorporate slots, roulette, coinflip, crash, poker and much more. With such diversity in mind, all of the sites listed on our “best of” range come with a great collection of games. We have sought these out purposely so that you have the potential to enjoy experiences with all types of CS:GO gambling games
  • Strong Selection of Payment Methods
    When it comes to depositing and withdrawing from CS:GO raffle sites, you need to have a choice of payment methods for doing so. While skins will be available for you to use in order to do this, we also expect to see traditional payment methods as well. Therefore, while reviewing the various raffle sites, our team has located the platforms with the largest variety of payment methods. This means you will be able to utilise options like cryptocurrencies, cards, bank transfers, e-wallets and more.


If an online sportsbook accepts cryptocurrencies as a depositing and betting currency, then absolutely you can. Be sure to check this in the supported payment methods before joining a site if you are insistent on using Bitcoin or altcoins for your gambling activities.

While basic knowledge of eSports betting can be used, different eSports have different setups and markets for you to wager on. Therefore, what you learn and know about CS:GO is likely to not be very helpful when betting on League of Legends or DOTA 2, for example.

Yes. While we are a site that focuses on CS:GO gambling more so, many bookmakers include other eSports in their lobbies for you to bet on. You can participate in this one at a time or as many as you can afford at once.

Yes, absolutely. It’s exactly the same as betting on any other sporting event. If you win a bet, you receive a real money pay-out for it.

While it’s likely that there will be a small number of sportsbooks that rig their results, the recommended sites at are fully secure and offer fair betting. That’s why it’s always ideal to join one of the platforms that we consider the best.

eSports tournaments occur throughout the year in different locations. League of Legends for example, has events that occur in the Spring and Summer, in the form of splits and playoffs. Different eSports have different tournaments, and these take place in Europe, Asia and North America.

That really all depends upon you and how much you wager. Of course, it also depends upon the frequency of your bets and whether or not you win them.

Some sites do provide mobile eSports betting, yes. This ensures that you’re able to place your favourite eSports bets from any location. We do ensure that we recommend those platforms that readily cater to eSports mobile bettors.

While video games may appeal to those of a younger age group, you still need to be at least 18 years old to access betting on it in most jurisdictions. Be sure to check the legal gambling age in your home country before trying to participate, though.

Longevity will always count for something when it comes to gambling platforms. After all, if you know that a site has been around for many years, it stands to reason that it’s a great platform and provides a licensed and fair gaming experience. Of course, a newer sportsbook could provide many more features, taking the best of all other long-running sites and combining them to ensure that players see its appeal from the start. In the end, the choice is up to you.