The Best League of Legends Betting Sites

How could you not want to engage in League of Legends betting? When we’ve located the greatest platforms to play this at, you’ll find that there’s little more appealing than accessing them and enjoying a few games. Our team of experts has navigated its way through various sites providing such to be able to compile this list of the very best LoL platforms. So, check them out below to find your favourite.

Best League of Legends Betting Sites 2024

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What Exactly Is League of Legends?

Being developed and released by Riot Games in October of 2009, League of Legends operates as a multiplayer online battle arena video game. It was launched on Windows and macOS, being inspired by the Defense of the Ancients (DotA) game. Players accessing the game essentially play as the champion who possess unique abilities. They then go into battle against a team of other players or computer-controlled champions.

The game was received very well upon being released and by July of 2012, it was operating as the most-played PC game in both North America and Europe. The game also became one of the most streamed via services like Twitch and YouTube, and it still routinely ranks first in the most-watched hours. According to Riot Games, LoL boasts around 8 million peak concurrent users each day.

It was due to the fact that LoL had gained such popularity in a short period of time that it was inevitable that people would want to start betting on it. This was quickly identified by gambling sites, and they began covering various teams and tournaments relating to the game. In doing so, players obtained the ability to bet real money on their favoured League of Legends matches. The game’s popularity has remained high, as has the sector for betting on its outcomes.

How Does League of Legends Operate?

Anyone accessing League of Legends will see that it provides a total of four different game maps, and it is on these maps that the teams battle one another. Those maps are entitled Howling Abyss, Summoner’s Rift, Twisted Treeline and Crystal Scar. Some of the matches taking place in the game can often go beyond the 1-hour mark, allowing for lengthy viewing and play time.

Once the game starts and all competitors have chosen their champion, you all begin at a low level. By playing the game, that level steadily increases. Your level can reach a maximum of 18 and for every new level that you reach, you will either unlock a new skill or alternatively a special ability for your champion. It is due to this that LoL has such a pronounced following – because players can take several different routes when it comes to customising their champion’s loadout. This gives it a bit more of a personal touch, as you can upgrade your character as you like.

A champion is defeated once its health points decline to zero, and then you’ll have to wait for a short time before you are respawned at your team’s base. Every time you begin the game, you’ll have a small amount of gold in your possession, which also increases as you continue playing it. Gold can be farmed, and this is done primarily by killing non-playable characters (NPCs). Further gold can be obtained by killing players from the enemy team and destroying their structures. Of course, you can then use your collected gold to enhance and upgrade your champion’s skills and so on.

A Closer Look at the League of Legends Maps

Throughout the years League of Legends has incorporated four different maps into its gameplay. However, two of them have since been retired, and now two remain operational to access.

Summoner’s Rift

This map is considered to be the flagship one of League of Legends, and it is outrightly and visibly influenced by the DotA game. Playing this map will see two teams of five players compete to destroy an enemy structure which goes by the name of the Nexus. Obviously, each team guards their respective structures, which also receive extra back-up from turrets and towers. The Nexus from each side constantly creates weak NPCs known as minions, and they advance towards the enemy base along three different paths.

Summoner’s Rift matches are not usually timed, so they can go on for longer periods of time. However, if played until Nexus destruction, the rounds can usually last between 30 and 40 minutes.
Many of the details of the map have changed throughout time, as League is not a static game. Mechanics have been introduced and removed since its launch. The Rift Herald, for example, was only introduced in 2016, and its abilities were adjusted in 2017 and then in 2019. Dragons gave gold instead of buffs between 2009 and 2014, before only transforming into elemental drakes in 2016.

Howling Abyss

All Random All Mid (ARAM) matches take place on the Howling Abyss map, and again, it operates as a 5 vs 5 event. This map consists solely of a single narrow lane of turrets as well as an inhibitor and zero neutral jungle area. So, instead of it providing the potential for skirmishes and hidden movement, Howling Abyss places a large focus on team-fights in the middle lane. Players do not have the possibility of replenishing their health and mana at their allied base in this map, unless killed.

Twisted Treeline

This map utilises smaller teams of three players, who compete to destroy the opposing team’s Nexus. The concept of Twisted Treeline is very much akin to Summoner’s Rift, but in a smaller mode. Subsequently, the map only features two lanes and two inhibitors, with the jungle being displayed in between them. Riot Games opted to retire this map in November of 2019 though, citing a reduced number of players accessing it.

Crystal Scar

When League of Legends featured a Dominion mode, the Crystal Scar map was used for it. This saw two teams of five players compete to capture control points and hold on to them for as long as possible. The map consists of a circle with five control points and each team controls its own base, which is known as a fountain. Points are scored by capturing and owning more objectives than the other team over a period of time. Dominion was launched in 2011, but Rio Games chose to retire it in February of 2016. Crystal Scar remains operational for certain other rotating formats but is not in action frequently.

League of Legends Betting

Taking the decision to bet on eSports is something that will find you being catered to in numerous ways. Many different platforms provide such to gamblers, and this has seen the popularity level of engaging in such soar. It’s easy to wager on the game, so the only thing you need to really ensure that you do is hold an account with an online sportsbook for it.

There are many sportsbooks providing players with the opportunity to sign up and place bets on LoL. Generally speaking, the majority of these will also provide you with an enticing welcome bonus. In most cases, you’ll need to make a deposit at the sportsbook first before receiving the associated rewards. However, sometimes, you can find sites that reward you with free bets just for registering anaccount.

Once you have funds in your account, you can proceed with betting on as many LoL events as you like. The game’s obvious popularity has seen it become accessible to watch on Twitch and so on, so you can also view broadcasts of people playing the game, if you like. Teams have also been formed by players, who try to outdo their rivals in a bid to become known as the best.


If an online sportsbook accepts cryptocurrencies as a depositing and betting currency, then absolutely you can. Be sure to check this in the supported payment methods before joining a site if you are insistent on using Bitcoin or altcoins for your gambling activities.

While basic knowledge of eSports betting can be used, different eSports have different setups and markets for you to wager on. Therefore, what you learn and know about CS:GO is likely to not be very helpful when betting on League of Legends or DOTA 2, for example.

Yes. While we are a site that focuses on CS:GO gambling more so, many bookmakers include other eSports in their lobbies for you to bet on. You can participate in this one at a time or as many as you can afford at once.

Yes, absolutely. It’s exactly the same as betting on any other sporting event. If you win a bet, you receive a real money pay-out for it.

While it’s likely that there will be a small number of sportsbooks that rig their results, the recommended sites at are fully secure and offer fair betting. That’s why it’s always ideal to join one of the platforms that we consider the best.

eSports tournaments occur throughout the year in different locations. League of Legends for example, has events that occur in the Spring and Summer, in the form of splits and playoffs. Different eSports have different tournaments, and these take place in Europe, Asia and North America.

That really all depends upon you and how much you wager. Of course, it also depends upon the frequency of your bets and whether or not you win them.

Some sites do provide mobile eSports betting, yes. This ensures that you’re able to place your favourite eSports bets from any location. We do ensure that we recommend those platforms that readily cater to eSports mobile bettors.

While video games may appeal to those of a younger age group, you still need to be at least 18 years old to access betting on it in most jurisdictions. Be sure to check the legal gambling age in your home country before trying to participate, though.

Longevity will always count for something when it comes to gambling platforms. After all, if you know that a site has been around for many years, it stands to reason that it’s a great platform and provides a licensed and fair gaming experience. Of course, a newer sportsbook could provide many more features, taking the best of all other long-running sites and combining them to ensure that players see its appeal from the start. In the end, the choice is up to you.