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The DaddySkins platform first began operating in 2017, making it one of the newer skins gambling sites around. This doesn’t detract anything from it, though. It still provides players with a compelling platform to access and engage in some gambling activities. Since it first opened its doors back then, DaddySkins has gone on to see more than 76 million cases opened, over 1 million upgrades occur, and more than 1.4 million people sign up to use the platform.

Site Overview

We were very impressed with the DaddySkins online site when we originally visited it. Wonderfully high-quality graphics can be seen throughout, and these fit perfectly into a well-designed website. A curious logo of a top-hatted skeleton with a monocle can be seen in the top-left corner of the screen. Below this is a menu that can take you through the different site sections, starting with cases, then moving on to arenas, upgrade, top wins and finally, partnership. You can also expand this section out with the relevant button next to the skeleton.

Scrolling down to the bottom of the expanded menu will display the site’s Jackpot section, with small, medium and large values being displayed. The different social media links can then be seen below this. You can sign in using the button on the top-right, as well as mute the sounds of the website, if you like. Running along the top of the website below this section is the latest case opening wins, known as the Live Feed.

Finally, as you scroll down the website, you’ll see sections for quality cases, fresh cases, main cases and classic cases. Information about the platform and the company can be found at the very bottom, as can details of accepted payment methods and links to support.

Game Possibilities at DaddySkins

The DaddySkins site is simply a case opening platform, and anyone accessing it can open cases with far better odds than those found in the CS:GO game itself. In addition to this, a new mode was recently introduced, allowing multiple users to open the same case and the user who wins the most in value keeps everything from it. Those winnings are then able to be withdrawn from DaddySkins to a CS:GO skins inventory or as cryptocurrency.

Therefore, the site is quite limited in terms of diversity. However, if you’re a fan of case opening sites, DaddySkins will certainly appeal to you overall. That being said, a couple of other options exist alongside the case opening functions of the platform. Upgrades can be done, jackpots can be participated in and exchanges made. Yet, its prime function exists as a case opening site, and this is something that it provides perfectly.

Promotions and More at DaddySkins

While there aren’t any outright promotions that are available at DaddySkins, you can enter promotional codes into the relevant box on the cashier page. If you do choose to do this, you’ll be given an extra percentage on top of your deposited amount. Percentages can range between 5% and 10%, depending upon the code entered. Obviously, this adds extra to your general balance, allowing you to potentially open more cases or obtain a higher value one.

The only other inclusion on the DaddySkins site is the free cases reward. Every time you deposit at least $3, you’ll automatically be able to open one free case. This is a way for the platform to show its appreciation of its users. There are five levels that you may get depending upon the amount and frequency of your deposits. A single free case is awarded you each day.

Is DaddySkins Fair and What Is Support Like?

This platform has been available to access since January of 2017 and it has proven itself as a legitimate service since that time. As it happens, it was one of the very first case opening sites to introduce a provably fair system into its games. This helped to ensure that a confidence was instilled in its games, providing customers with an appealing platform to access. Furthermore, DaddySkins is constantly working on improving this to ensure that market demand is catered to.

A support team is in place for any time that you may find yourself with a problem or query. Should you not be able to seek out answers within the site’s FAQ section, you can speak to a support agent, if you wish. However, this is not available through a live chat function, so you won’t get an instant response. Instead, you need to submit a ticket and wait for a response to be sent.

Supported Payment Methods

To be able to engage in case opening, you must have a certain sort of balance available at DaddySkins. First of all, you can load your CS:GO skins up to utilise, which requires you to link your Steam account to the site. You’ll then see your inventory and you can select the items that you wish to use on DaddySkins this way. If this is not something you want to do, you will need to deposit real money by one of the supported payment methods.

G2A can be used to process Mastercard and Visa transactions for deposits or you can use PayOp as an alternative. If you possess a DaddySkins gift card, this can also be used to add funds. The final option for depositing is to use the Bitcoin or Ethereum cryptocurrencies. Through the latter options and through CS:GO skins depositing, you’ll see the rate for the currency/items you’re transferring before proceeding ahead with it.

For withdrawing money, you can cash out through Ethereum and Bitcoin cryptocurrencies. You’ll obviously need to specify your ETH or BTC wallet to do this. Alternatively, if you’re wanting to withdraw the skins themselves, you can send these to a Steam inventory, where you will be able to use them in-game or save them.


DaddySkins is a really intriguing site from the very first moment that you load it up. The setup and inclusive graphics do stand out throughout and everything is very simple to get to, too. With promo codes available for additional perks being added on to deposits, a comprehensive FAQ section and a nice choice of case opening/upgrading options, there’s enough on offer at DaddySkins for case opening fans. We’d like to see a chat function added for speedier support responses, but other than this, it operates as an appealing online CS:GO gambling site.

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