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A Look at the UnboxSkins Site

Visiting the UnboxSkins website will allow you to experience a platform featuring high-quality graphics and a wonderful interface. The site itself opened its doors in 2019, and it has been operating a case opening platform ever since then. With a large range of items being available through it, as well as cases and a case creation feature, UnboxSkins is ready to satisfy all of your needs in this area.

It presents you with a site that allows for deposits to occur through skins and real money. It also supports cryptocurrencies, so if you utilise Bitcoin or altcoins, you’ll still be able to use UnboxSkins. This ensures that it is also available to US gamblers, who can use cryptocurrencies at the platform.

You’ll see the platform’s logo in the top-left corner of the screen, with the navigation menu below this. Therefore, you’ll be able to move between sections like the Upgrader, Case Creator, Case Browser and so on with ease. Scrolling to the bottom of the menu will provide you with information on how many people are currently online on UnboxSkins, as well as the amount of cases opened since its inception.

Then, running along the top of the site, you’ll see the latest openings, and hovering over them will tell you who won the item, what it is, the case price and more. Giveaways can be seen below this, and then bid cases are displayed afterwards. You’ll also be able to see official cases, in-game cases and featured cases. Last of all, some information on what UnboxSkins is can be seen, and the history of CS:GO skins.

Is UnboxSkins a Legal Platform?

Having visited the UnboxSkins site ourselves, we can confirm that it is a legal and legitimate location for engaging in case opening. We have only had a positive experience as members of the platform, with regard to deposits and withdrawals, the case opening itself and other functions. In comparison to using the Steam platform for opening cases, UnboxSkins provides much more opportunities for receiving rarer, more valuable skins and items. This is a prime reason why it has grown in popularity since it opened its doors.

The Games Available at UnboxSkins

The prime process that can be undertaken at UnboxSkins is case opening, and this is exactly the same process that can occur via the Steam platform. Upgrades can also be done at the platform though, which are a form of trade-ups. These have been a mainstay for gamers, as upgrading allows them to make a profit in-game. If you have played CS:GO before, then you can deposit 10 skins and get a single one back of higher rarity as a result.

The only difference in upgrading via UnboxSkins is that the value of the skin changes its odds. There aren’t any limitations on collections or quality, either. Therefore, upgrades can be a great game for you to access if you are seeking out a specific skin that you haven’t yet obtained.

UnboxSkins Promotions

The site provides its users with a couple of different special offers, starting with the two daily free cases to open. The first daily case is made available to you if you have deposited at least $5 or if you proceed with adding UnboxSkins.com to your Steam nickname. Within it, you’ll find a Dragon Lore, Karambit Lore and Fire Serpent.

The second free case works in a similar way, but needs you to include the site’s logo as your Steam avatar. Alas, if you have deposited $5 or more, this also qualifies you for the second case. In this one, there are way better odds in operation for you to receive some high-quality items.

What’s more, you can receive another $0.10 just for joining the UnboxSkins website. And if you maintain the UnboxSkins URL and avatar in your Steam account, you will continue receiving up o $0.10 per day to use on the site.

Support Capabilities

You don’t have to face any problems a UnboxSkins by yourself. The site has its own support functions in place for you to benefit from. There is an FAQ section, but outside of this, you can reach out to a support agent instead. To do this, you need to send an email to [email protected], as there is no live chat service on hand. Telephone support is also unavailable as of the current time.

Payments at UnboxSkins

We can’t really say that UnboxSkins has a huge number of supported payment methods available. That being said, it does utilise G2APay, which supposedly offers support for 200+ global payment methods. However, through UnboxSkins, you can only use this for depositing directly via Visa card. Aside from this, you can deposit your CS:GO skins via SkinsBack or ShadowPay, while Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions are also supported.

A minimum deposit of $2 is required from non-skin payment methods, while SkinsBack requires at least $4 in skins and ShadowPay needs $0.03 to be deposited. When it comes to making a withdrawal from UnboxSkins, you can only take out skins. These will be sent directly to your Steam inventory, and this occurs quite quickly, too. To be able to withdraw though, you must have deposited a minimum of $5.

The Verdict

UnboxSkins still remains as a relatively new online case opening site, but it still holds some appeal for CS:GO gamers. The design of it is initially very welcoming and once you start depositing and opening cases, it gets even better. The fact that the cases at UnboxSkins are considerably more lucrative than those that you can open via Steam makes the platform even more appealing.

It would definitely benefit from having a live chat function for you to make use of if you need help. Nobody likes having to wait around for a response to an email, so if it could set up something more direct, this would be better. However, all in all, UnboxSkins is one of those sites that is likely to grab your attention from the very first moment and keep you hooked as you carry on.

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