Cashing Out CS:GO Skins

If you have managed to get your hands on some CS:GO skins from an online site or through the game, then you can cash these out. Let’s say that you have grown tired of playing the game or you’re in need of a bit of money swiftly, or even potentially if you’re a high bettor, these are all good reasons to cash out CS:GO skins.

Now, this may sound like a confusing and unnecessary process, but it’s actually very easy. After you have learnt the first few steps, cashing out CS:GO skins will be a breeze.

Things to Remember Prior to Cashing Out

Before you start cashing out, you obviously need to have the CS:GO skins in your possession. That’s pretty much a necessity, we’d say! At the same time, you also need a PayPal account, which is where you will receive your money for them. Additional e-wallets exist other than PayPal of course, but this is pretty much the most universally used one.

Setting Up Your Own PayPal Account

There are three simple steps for you to follow when it comes to setting up a PayPal account. They’re easy to go through and ensure you’ll be able to start cashing out.

  1. Navigate to the PayPal website and click on ‘Sign Up’.
  2. Input the personal data requested, including your name, address, date of birth and so on. This data needs to be 100% accurate, as you’ll be required to verify your account by PayPal afterwards. So, proof of address, proof of identity and so on will be needed for this.
  3. Complete the verification process and your PayPal account is ready to use.

Selling Your CS:GO Skins

Selling your CS:GO skins is a simple process to go through, as there are two trusted websites that you can use to go through the cash out process. Just sign up on the website you select, put your skins up for sale and then request that the funds are sent to your PayPal account. Before that though, let’s take a look at the differences between the two major websites providing the cash out service.


While the BitSkins platform can’t be considered the website that is most utilised for cashing out purposes, it does provide certain advantages for this. First of all, it allows for daily payments to be made to your PayPal or Bitcoin wallets. Additionally, the marketplace charges only 5% on each sale that occurs, so you stand to get a good deal from using it.


Operating as the very first well-known website for cashing out, a large quantity of buyers and sellers exist on this marketplace. However, when you look at the comparison between OPSkins and BitSkins, there’s really no question which is the better site. OPSkins doesn’t provide daily pay-outs and there’s a 10% charge on each sale, unless you pay a monthly premium, in which case the commission is 5% as well.

Therefore, it clearly looks like Bitskins is the more advantageous marketplace to utilise for cashing out your CS:GO skins. Cheaper deals and faster payments place the BitSkins site firmly in prime position for this.

Using the BitSkins Marketplace

The BitSkins site provides an open marketplace to users, where CS:GO skins can be bought and sold. Therefore, it’s important to remember that you will be operating alongside many other buyers and sellers, so you’ll need to compete effectively enough to ensure that your skins are purchased over the other users’ items.

If you decide to use BitSkins, then you need to click on the menu marked as ‘Sales’ to begin. Select one of the options available there – 1 by 1, Multiple or Quick List. This will see BitSkins load your entire CS:GO inventory up and you can select the items from there that you wish to sell.

After selecting the items that you wish to sell, the BitSkins bot will send you an offer. Accept this afterwards and then your items will be listed for sale. The BitSkins site is not purchasing your skins, they’re basically being listed through the platform for others to purchase as their own.

Selecting a Price for Your Skins

When it comes to listing your skins, then it generally depends upon what you’re selling with regard to the price that you charge for them. Normally, the price bases itself on rarity, pattern, stickers and float of the skin. Of course, you should also ensure that you’re being competitive with other sellers of the same skin(s).

Rareness of the Item

When selling anything, be it online or in reality, the rarer an item is, the higher the price it will fetch. That’s just the norm. The less common CS:GO skins do often tend to be worth a lot more because of this rule. Should a skin be more common, then you’ll usually be able to find them in many players’ inventories. In this instance, you can verify that they’re not all that rare.

Pattern on the Skin

The patterns that you find on skins can differ from item to item. Some of these may be quite rare, especially when it comes to the knives. What you can do is Google the name of your knife and include ‘pattern rarity’ on the end in the search box. The pattern may be able to add some value to the price, depending upon its rarity.


After a sticker is applied to a weapon, it loses most of its value. Therefore, if any of your guns have a sticker adorning them, don’t expect to obtain the full value for it via BitSkins. The cheaper stickers won’t really do anything to bolster the price of a skin, although the more expensive stickers will push it up closer to the full value. The expensive stickers should be valued at around 10% on top of the final price of a skin. Of course, the view of the buyer must also be taken into consideration.


When speaking about the float of a skin, a value between 0 and 1 is applied based on the skin condition. The lower the value of this, the better the condition of your skin is. In this respect, if the float is extremely low, it does have the capability of adding value to your weapon.

When Do You Receive the Payment for Your Skins?

To request a payment, you simply need to click on the balance at the top of the BitSkins page. This redirects you to the deposit and withdraw page, and there you need to input the amount you wish to withdraw. You’ll also select the method by which you want to withdraw in this area, too. PayPal and Bitcoin are both supported for this, and you’ll be able to benefit from receiving the payments on a daily basis. Alternatively, you can withdraw to your bank account, but this takes a lot longer and there’s a fee of €35 charged with it.

The minimum that you can withdraw from the BitSkins site is €50. Therefore, if you haven’t got this minimum in your account, you’re only able to utilise the balance to purchase skins on the marketplace store. Or you can sell more skins at the site and reach the €50 minimum so that you’re able to make a successful withdrawal.

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