The Most Viewed eSports Organisation of 2019

While it’s true that CS:GO didn’t find itself taking the number one spot in the collection of the most watched eSport of the year, it did manage to outrank Dota 2 for the first time. And 2019 was a great year for the eSport world in general. Teams participating in tournaments racked up huge figures in terms of the hours they were watched competing. So, which teams proved to be the most popular for the 2019 period?

Fifth position was claimed by Astralis. They managed to beat out Natus Vincere to this finish by around 30,000 more hours. The team managed to finish the 2019 period with a wonderful 50.1 million hours watched to their name.

T1 ended the 2019 period in fourth position, outdoing their rivals in fifth place by a huge 22 million views altogether. Therefore, a total of 72.1 million hours is attributed to the team, which is largely thanks to the fact that they had a successful League of Legends team in action throughout 2019.

Coming in third place are the team known as Fnatic, which is actually a huge organisation comprised of eight teams in total. Possessing an accomplished League of Legends team as well as a high-ranking CS:GO team, Fnatic racked up a fantastic 73.3 million views for the 2019 period.

The G2 eSports team find themselves in second place for last year, with some serious watched hours being attributed to them. A deciding factor in this has likely been social media and online competitions occurring, and considering that G2 eSports also has one of the most successful League of Legends teams too, is it any wonder they’re in second place? The Mid-Season Invitational and the Spring and Summer Splits all contributed huge viewing figures to the organisation’s total of 102.1 million.

Team Liquid is the one to beat for 2020 though, as it clearly claimed the top position in 2019. Featuring combined watched hours of 124.4 million, their status was confirmed by having more than 22.3 million hours more hour views than G2 eSports. Team Liquid does have teams operating in 14 of the largest eSports titles around the world though, including Dota 2. It was in this game that Team Liquid made it through to The International finals. At the same time, the CS:GO team was highly productive in 2019, and they had great success in the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational, too.

Clearly, 2020 is looking to be another stellar year for all of these eSports organisations. Can Team Liquid hold on to their prime position or will another one rise to the top and take their place?

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