The Renegades Secure Hatz as a New Member

A huge signing has just taken place for the Renegades team, as Jordan “Hatz” Bajic becomes the latest part of their roster. Making the announcement that Hatz is the replacement for Ollie “DickStacy” Tierny, Renegades fans were supremely delighted with the choice. Tierney finished his contract with the team recently after being a regular player for them over a two-year period.

Now, the Renegades team are hopeful that Hatz will bring much more firepower to their side. They finished the ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals with a 9th-12th place position, and Hatz managed to average a 1.13 rating during his last two years of LAN. This allowed ORDER to pick up a selection of domestic titles, and saw the team meet qualification requirements for the ELS Pro League Season 8 Finals. This came alongside the 2018 IEM Katowice and Sydney events.

How Is the Renegades Team Looking with the Addition of Hatz Now?

With Hatz now taking over from DickStacy, the full Renegades line-up is present in the following roster:

  • Jordan “Hatz” Bajic – New Zealand
  • Simon “Sico” Williams – Australia
  • Christopher “dexter” Nong – Australia
  • Liam “Malta” Schembri – Australia
  • Joshua “INS” Potter - Australia

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