Fortnite to Include Dust 2 CS:GO Map

If you’ve become familiar with playing CS:GO, then you may have heard of the map entitled Dust 2. It’s actually considered to be the game’s most popular map, and it will now be made available for players of Fortnite, too.

While the Fortnite game may be quite controversial for some players, one thing remains true – Dust 2 will soon be available on it. Thanks to Team Evolve – one of the leading designers for custom maps – the map will be integrated into the Fortnite world, allowing players of such to check it out for themselves as well.

The map originally became available to access over 20 years ago, first making an appearance in the original Valve game, Counter-Strike. Since then, it has become a hugely popular map with gamers, having been recreated several times over by a plethora of map designers operating on numerous platforms. And Dust 2 isn’t the first map to cross over and make an appearance in Fortnite, either.

Instead, Fortnite has seen its own version of the Rainbow Road track from Mario Kart come into play, the Terminal map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and a stage from Super Smash Bros. make an appearance, too. Of course, these were all adapted to suit the more cartoon-like world of Fortnite, and Dust 2 is expected to get the same treatment prior to arriving.

Crate locations will remain exactly the same on both bomb sites, and you’ll still get to see the most iconic feature – the white car – in the same spot as well.

One thing that will differ though, is that in the Fortnite version, there is no Arabic writing on the signs. This has likely been done to make a conscious move away from the terrorists versus counter-terrorists theme of the CS:GO map, and allow it to become friendlier in Fortnite.

Naturally, the gameplay of both titles is very different, despite the fact that the map will be kept as similar to the original as possible. While CS:GO places a heavy focus on teamwork and precise aim, Fortnite is much more of a free-for-all battle royale. Four different classes are also present in the latter game, working around providing friendly buffs or helpfully de-buffing the enemies.

That being said, one key factor will remain exactly the same. Players are still required to carry bombs to their respective destinations in order to be the victors. Obviously, the opposing team will do everything in their power to stop them from achieving this.

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