Pyth Makes the Leap from CS:GO to Valorant

In some quite stunning news received recently, the professional CS:GO player who plays under the name of Pyth is set to retire from it. Instead, he is choosing to move on to a new platform in the form of Valorant. Pyth, real name Jacob Mourujarvi, has been playing Valorant quite a lot in recent times and he would like to go professional with it as soon as possible.

Pyth spent 18 months performing for the Ninjas in Pyjamas professional team, a.k.a NiP. At just 26 years old, he has taken quite the huge decision to move on from CS:GO. Of course, there’s obviously some appeal in Valorant for him, and this is providing an attraction that the CS:GO game can no longer offer.

During his time with the NiP team, he would be a winner of the DreamHack Masters in Malmö in 2016, and he posted some of the best results in competitions that took place around the globe. Yet, Pyth took to Twitter to make the announcement that he is leaving the CS:GO title behind. Within that Tweet, he mentioned that he had been playing Valorant a lot recently – a game created by Riot Games. As a first-person shooter, it holds many of the same appealing features as CS:GO, but it is now Pyth’s focus to become a professional Valorant player.

Speaking candidly, Pyth noted that Valorant has brought a couple of emotions to him that he hasn’t been feeling with CS:GO – a ‘new spark’ and an ‘addiction’ for play more. CS:GO just wasn’t providing that same thrill for him anymore.

Not only that though, he mentioned that his level of play with the NiP team just wasn’t the same anymore. In the past couple of years, he noted that he had struggled to regain the same sort of gameplay tier as he had when he was a part of the NiP. That, he noted, was something that bothered him. However, he noted that he had met some wonderful people after grinding for 12 hours a day on CS:GO.

Valorant’s Growth

Mourujarvi has already spoken of Valorant in glowing terms and has noted how much he is addicted to playing it. This fresh start is likely to be something that will push him to reach those top-tier gaming levels he used to experience with CS:GO.

It’s not the first time that Valorant has seen CS:GO players jump ship, either. Braxton “Brax” Pierce has already taken to playing it frequently, while Pyth’s former teammate Kevin “AZK” Lariviere also took to quitting CS:GO for Valorant’s appeal.

Another player looking at a career on the Valorant game is Hunter “Sick” Mims, who took quite a hefty step away from CS:GO gaming, believing it had become stale for him. Additionally, the first professional Valorant player to play for Cloud9 from North America is Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, who also used to be a professional in CS:GO.

Whether or not other players will follow suit and jump ship remains to be seen. It will be quite an interesting thing to keep an eye on, though.

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