CS:GO Betting Limits and Maximum Rewards

CS:GO betting, like anything else related to sports wagering, is a great pastime to involve yourself in. However, it’s true to say that many people who choose to bet on this eSport have very little idea of the maximum pay-outs that can be obtained or the betting limits that they need to specifically adhere to.

You see, if you’ve had some experience with sports betting in general, you may know that each different sport has its own betting limit and maximum pay-out that you can obtain. So, you wouldn’t be able to win the same maximum reward from betting on cricket as you would from betting on football, for example. The same is true where eSports are concerned, too. So, you’ll likely have a different figure that you need to know for CS:GO betting as opposed to Dota 2 betting, for example.

The Limits of CS:GO

You may think that because CS:GO is one of the most popular eSports to bet on that it would have exceptionally wide betting limits. However, this actually isn’t the case. In fact, in comparison to other eSports and other basic sports, the limits relating to CS:GO gambling are quite low overall. Therefore, if you consider yourself to be a high roller gambler, you may want to reconsider the eSport you’re betting on.

So, why are the limits on CS:GO so low? Well, the turnover on CS:GO betting is much lower than what it is for something like football for example, which is something that more people wager on. Therefore, sportsbooks need to provide their players with the best possible chance of winning and at the same time, the best service available. Naturally, it’s necessary for these bookies to also take care of their own revenue in the process.

If there were huge limits available for CS:GO betting, then one big win would end up costing the bookies a lot of money. The income on CS:GO would then take a long time to recover. Comparing this to football, there are many bets placed on this sport and the events associated with it. So, if big wins occur, it doesn’t take long for the sportsbooks to recoup what has been paid out to winning bettors.

The Limits to Take Notice of with CS:GO Betting

When you look at the eSports market, it has been active for a huge time. In fact, comparing it to football or horse racing betting for example, CS:GO is very much an infant. Therefore, it’s important to note that while fairly low standard rewards are available for CS:GO betting, there will likely be even lower ones in place for the alternative CS:GO markets that are available.
So, if you choose to bet on the match winner overall, this is likely to be a little bit higher in terms of potential reward, than if you were betting on the specific winner of the second map. The reason behind this is exactly the same – the liquidity. Bookies aren’t going to take as many bets on the smaller markets and keeping the limits low is what covers them from experiencing excruciating losses.

What to Take from the Limits

It’s necessary to be informed on how much you are able to win from the bookmaker that you’re using. So, if you have a bet that goes over the limits and incorporates a set of six different games, then you may come to find that you’re able to win the same maximum by simply betting on five games.

Of course, managing your own betting risk is a key element when it comes to sports gambling in general. So, if you can win the same maximum by betting on fewer events, it stands to reason that this is the route you should take with it.

Obviously, you can adjust your stake in relation to this information as well. Therefore, if you’re able to work your bet out so that you stake provides a pay-out that is either equal to or less than the maximum reward, you know you’re not throwing away any kind of profit.

With lower limits in place than many other sports, CS:GO betting is potentially something that not only experienced and often higher betting players can access, but those with lower bankrolls, too. If you can involve yourself in some accumulators covering a selection of different events, then you can soon build up a nice balance from the wins. Even for placing a small stake, you’re able to garner some nice pay-outs. So, be sure to consider the limits on the table before betting. Your risk management should be in full effect when doing this.

The main thing to remember here is that if you play the game correctly and you’re well-informed on what you can and can’t win, the better off you’ll be in general. You’ll be unlikely to leave any profit on the table, you’ll gain experience and you could find yourself winning some nice pay-ours from CS:GO gambling in the process.

Betting on CS:GO in the Future

CS:GO betting is still quite new to the gambling world. Therefore, it’s not going to have the same sort of outlook as say football or tennis, which have been operational for a long time already. CS:GO gambling is likely to continue growing and developing, and therefore, it is quite likely that the eSport will improve where its limits are concerned. This is due to the fact that more punters will be placing stakes on it and, consequentially, bookies can improve the betting limits.

Naturally, for the time being, it’s always a good thing to compare different sportsbooks to see which one is providing the greatest odds and betting limits on eSports. Make sure that you get a well-rounded look at the sites available. There are already some market leaders out there for CS:GO betting.

Once you find a great sportsbook, it’s likely that you’ll want to stick with it, too. They’re likely to continue being front and centre for the best value in terms of betting limits and odds. Not only that though, but they’re likely to be the first in line when it comes to improvements over the eSports. In this respect, you can always expect to garner a great service and comfortable experience from your chosen bookie.

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