How to Get Your Hands on Cheap CS:GO Skins

As you may have heard by now, it’s possible to utilise CS:GO skins to engage in online betting. Of course, if you don’t possess any of these already, you may be wondering where it’s possible to get your hands on some. Fortunately, if you’re a little bit confused, we’re here to give you some valid information on it. Just follow our guide to obtaining some cheap CS:GO skins.

There are various options that you can utilise, but the one that stands out as a great route to take is using BitSkins. So, find out exactly what this is and how you can make use of it.

All About BitSkins and Using It

To put it in simple terms, the BitSkins site works as a community marketplace. There, you have the ability to buy and sell skins, thereby giving you the chance to acquire some cheap items.

The Basics

The BitSkins brand began operating back in 2015 and it was quite the instant hit with both players and bettors. It has grown in popularity throughout the years as well, becoming one of the very cheapest locations to acquire skins and to sell ones that you no longer want. This could be something to do with the fact that BitSkins only charges a 5% commission on each sale made.

Why BitSkins?

While it’s true that there are several online platforms providing gamblers with the chance to buy and sell, BitSkins is leaps and bounds ahead. So many amazing deals can be found in the marketplace, and you can obtain discounts of up to 66% in some cases. That’s an awesome deal to take advantage of, and even knives can be found with up to 40% discount available.

So, why BitSkins, you may ask? Well, for the moment, there’s no better online location for getting your hands on cheap CS:GO skins. That’s not something that you should miss out on, and it could increase your gambling experience.

Is It All Safe and Legal?

BitSkins is one of the top brands known to the CS:GO community, and it is well-known because of the aforementioned cheap prices. The site is partnered with various other brands, such as Hatton Games and Now, that doesn’t stop people questioning whether or not the marketplace is legitimate. Of course, we’re not surprised considering that it’s a site with some of the best skin rates around.

Many people utilise the platform as a way of buying and selling skins, and no problems have been reported with how it operates. Additionally, should a problem arise, the support team is on hand to provide as much assistance as is needed.

Keeping yourself safe while using BitSkins is necessary, so we recommend that you activate the 2-factor code on your settings. This provides a higher level of security. Simply download the Google Authenticator to a smartphone or tablet and then when you’re processing something via BitSkins, you will need to confirm it through your mobile device. A code will be provided there and you need to insert this into the relevant box on the marketplace site.

Recommended Case Opening Sites

While using a site like BitSkins for obtaining skins is a great way of upgrading to better items or obtaining cheaper skins, there’s another route you can take. There are CS:GO case opening sites available, which provide a bit more of a cost efficient way of getting your hands on skins. Those skins can then be utilised on your chosen betting site. There are a few of our recommended case opening sites displayed below for you to learn about and possibly join.

How to Go About Purchasing Skins on the BitSkins Marketplace

So, now that you’ve found out about how BitSkins works in general, how do you go about purchasing the skins found within the marketplace? Well, you basically need to follow a few basic steps, as highlighted below:

  1. Visit the website and utilise the button that allows you to login via Steam. This allows you to link up your Steam inventory to buy and sell skins through.
  2. Search for the items you’re interested in buying. Should there be a specific skin you want, then you can use the ‘Browse’ button found at the top menu. Then click on ‘Looking for Something?’ and search for the item by its name, type of weapon, rarity, collection or another filter. Should you not really know what you’re looking to buy, simply click on the ‘Deals’ button and you can pick from a range of prices that you’re willing to spend on a skin.
  3. Add the skin(s) to your cart. This can be done easily by using the big green button on each of the listed skins.
  4. Add funds to your account by clicking on the cart as you would when shopping online. There, you will see the skins that have been added to the cart and a pop-up will show informing you that funds need to be added. Simply press the button to add funds and you will then be redirected.

Methods for Depositing Funds

Several options can be utilised for depositing funds at BitSkins, so let’s take a look at a few of them here.

Credit or Debit Card

You can readily use a credit or debit card from Visa or Mastercard. Keep in mind that you will also need to verify that you are the owner of the card, but this is an easy process to go through.


Known worldwide, PayPal provides its users with a quick and easy way to deposit funds and pay for things online. You’ll need to possess a verified PayPal account to use it at BitSkins. Selecting this option to use for adding funds at BitSkins will redirect you to the e-wallet so that you can authorise the marketplace to receive payments from you. A deposit of at least €5 must then take place for you to continue with purchasing skins.


Cryptocurrencies have become quite popular as online payment methods for gambling purposes. That’s why Bitcoin and altcoins are often accepted at CS:GO betting sites. It’s a swift payment method to use, often taking no longer than 30 seconds.

G2A Pay

G2A Pay is a payment gateway that allows you to deposit funds through some of the aforementioned methods, as well as additional ones like Paysafecard and Skrill, for example. Be sure to check into if G2A Pay will charge you any extra fees though.

CS:GO Skins

You don’t have to utilise traditional payment methods at all, and can simply deposit your unwanted CS:GO skins instead. Essentially, you can sell those skins, and this is transformed into coins for you to use for purchasing new ones.

Selling Your CS:GO Skins

If you do take the option to sell your CS:GO skins, this is an easy process to undertake. Simply visit the ‘Sales’ section of BitSkins and then press ‘Sell Items’. This will load your CS:GO inventory up via Steam and you can see all the useful data relating to your items.

Simply select how much you would like to sell a skin for and press ‘Add to List’. A pop-up window will appear and there you can select ‘List Items for Sale Now’. The bot will proceed to send you a trade offer, and this comes through your Steam account. Accepting this will list the skin for sale.

Any skins that you have for sale can be seen on the ‘Sales’ and ‘My Sales’ links. You can then share your items for sale with anyone you like.

Remember, the marketplace does charge a 5% commission on each sale, but pay-outs take place on a daily basis. And that’s it. So, you can see how easy it is to both buy and sell skins via the BitSkins platform.

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