How to Obtain CS:GO Skins

With regard to CS:GO skins, these are the weapon finishes or textures added to weapons within the CS:GO game. While your gameplay won’t be affected by these skins in any way, the physical appearance of the guns is what will change by you applying a new skin. These skins all have different prices and values, too.

In fact, the prices range from the very minimum of €0.03 and can increase right up to €2,000. The price depends upon the rarity of the gun itself and the rarity of the skin. Obviously, the rarer ones hold a lot more value, while the most common skins are frequently only worth a few cents. Skins can be regular or StatTrak.

The latter of these basically adds a counter to the weapon in question, which keeps track of the number of kills that you’ve acquired with the gun.

Skins in general were first found in Team Fortress 2 as far back as 2009. At the time, these skins came in the form of hats and other miscellaneous additions. These inclusions brought along new attraction for players, and because of the items being able to be sold, they held their own sort of economy.

It was Valve that realised there was a lot to be gained from these skins, and noticing the revenue that they brought in, they were added to CS:GO in August of 2013.

What Is It About Skins That Hold Such Appeal?

Skins have become considerably enjoyed by CS:GO players ever since they became available. They introduced a new option for gamers to benefit from and provide alternative visuals for them to see while playing. Players could finally feel that they had more of a personality within the game due to them.

The challenge of trying to grow your CS:GO inventory with a variety of skins can also provide an additional thrill while gaming. Obviously, you’ll start out with a few cents in your inventory, and being able to expand this to incorporate hundreds of dollars’ worth of skins can provide an extra perk to gameplay, too. Most importantly, these skins can be transformed into real money should you wish to cash them out or if you ever decide to stop participating in CS:GO in the future.

How to Claim CS:GO Skins

There are a few different ways by which you can get your hands on CS:GO skins. They include the following:

Playing CS:GO

When you access the CS:GO game through an official or community server, you’ll receive random drops throughout. You’re only able to obtain two CS:GO skins and two cases per week, with the limit resetting every Thursday. However, you’ll only receive regular cases because it’s not possible to get StatTrak skins from those drops. In this respect, the CS:GO game drops are usually lower tier ones, with values of around €0.03 and up to a maximum of €0.05. While there are ones with higher value, these are very infrequently dropped in game.

Trading CS:GO Skins

You’re able to trade the skins that you have acquired with other players by using the Steam built-in trading platform. It’s just important to remember to be careful with this method of trading. Check item prices and be sure you’re getting a fair trade this way. Try to avoid trading for money, Steam Wallet or other forms of trading unless you’re well-informed on it.

Steam Community Market

Using the Steam Market will allow you to buy or sell CS:GO skins with money found in your Steam Wallet. This provides a safe and easy option for you to utilise. At the same time, you’re able to buy keys this way, which can then allow you to open weapon cases in the game.

Outside Markets

Cheap skins are available on various CS:GO marketplaces outside of the Steam one. You’re usually able to pay with PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoins and other assorted methods. Do be careful with these if you opt to use one. Be sure to do your research beforehand to ensure it’s a safe and legitimate platform.

Case Opening

If you’ve obtained some cases from drops, then you’ll need a key to open them. These can be bought from the game itself or from the Steam Marketplace. Key prices will vary depending upon where you’re buying them from and various other factors. This can be anything up to about €2.75 per key. Keys can come down in price during Steam sales, too.

Before you buy a key, be sure to check on both the Steam Marketplace and the CS:GO game to see which is cheapest. Of course, opening cases will once again provide low-value items, so unless you’re looking to bolster your inventory for one reason or another, it’s not super advisable to do this.


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